If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Your first? Your last? Your everything?

Sex and the City never gets old. Nor does Friends. Well, to me anyway. I can’t help but not only thoroughly enjoy the programs themselves but watching them reminds me of when I watched them originally. Fuck knows thats a while ago now but when you think of your first perception of each episode. And your reaction when you found out Rachel was pregnant. Or that Samantha had cancer.

It’s the same with songs really isn’t it? The first time I heard Paramore, it was in first year in DCU. It was the video that caught me. Sitting in the NuBar. Or Every Time I Die. Again in 6th Year. I had only listened to the album twice when I saw them play in the Ambassador, supporting MCR of all people. And Keith Buckley was just randomly walking through the crowd. Most beautiful specimen known to women. Hmmm who else? Fight Paris, the album I got from Omar and broke. Ooops. I remember the evenings spent in Omars room with Lorna. I remember we sat there for probably three hours in the hope of the Kill the Music video coming up on Kerrang!. It never did. And an hour later Omar text me, saying it had just been on.

i remember the first album I played in Harry, my first car. A blue Peugeot 106, and to date the only car I haven’t crashed. Anyway, it was Christina Milian’s first attempt at a pop career. Track 7, ‘Twitch’ would bring me to Amy’s house most summer days. And Elaine would give out to me for having the music too loud on their quiet road. God the excitement of having that car. I thought I was invincible. According to Mary, Amy’s mom, thats where my arrogance started. Thats four years ago now. My my, how it must have grown since then. I can’t even remember what I was like then. What morals I had? What hair?

Remembering your first anything? First trip abroad without parents or teachers? Prague after the Leaving. First road trip? Wexford. Or UCD depending on how you look at distance. First run in with the gards? Can’t remember. First kiss? ha ha ha I was like 12 or something. and a kiss is certainly and over statement. First time I knew I was whole heartedly determined to be good at something? The fashion show, first round. First time I smoked? Think I was 13.

You can always remember your firsts but it’s always harder to remember your ‘lasts’. Last time your cried? Last text you got? Last time you slept in? Last design you drew? So much of that is ongoing it all gets muddled up. and we presume that this move won’t be our last. So we let it pass us by. People always say live each day like it’s your last. But fuck, wouldn’t that get tiring? If you put everything you had into everyday you lived, chances are you’d fucking die quicker anyway.


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