If the music is too loud, you're too old.

The Official MiseducationOf Survey

height: average… apparantly

weight: 10 & 3/4 stone.

eye color: greeny

hair color: BLONDE

best physical feature: eh… no clue.

most overused phrase: Delish

nicknames: Fitz

single or taken: single

******THIS OR THAT*******

love or money: money. love is over rated.

love or lust; lust. see above.

kiss or hug: hug. hug. hug. hug….

upset or pissed off: Pissed off. It’s in those moments when you come up with your best ideas for revenge.

peace or war; peace….clearly

******HAVE YOU EVER******

punched a wall: yes, there was a hole. It’s now fixed.

laughed so hard you cried; Saturday, Athlone. Nuff said.

cursed in church: oh yeah.

kissed in the rain; hmmm… don’t think so..maybe?

what about in a car; yes.

in a pool: yes.

on a bed; yes

broken someone..’s heart; ha hardly.

had your heart broken; lord know. less of that bollix.

cheated on someone; no

been cheated on? not that I’m aware.

kissed someone who wasn..’t single? No.

slept outside? yes. In a field.

been arrested; I’ve had a run in or two, but not arrested.

smoked; yes.

drank; nope. never.

done something you wished you could take back? Nah. Sometimes I would change how I did things. But I don’t regret doing them

*****RANDOM STUFF******

most embarassing moment? oh lord… there are so many. Probably my sun/moon confusion. It seems to haunt me whenever there is a blonde conversation.

the biggest life lesson youve learned so far? Aim high. and try. It’s better to have tried and failed to then have never try at all.

last ime you cried? Saturday night.

last time you laughed at something stupid? Gary, about 10minutes ago.

your biggest pet peeve? people assuming that if i’m upset, it’s because of them.

last personyou kissed? is a legend.

last person you hugged? emmm think it was Rosie?

last gift you recieved? a voucher for Topshop from my wonderful friends.


ice cream? cookie dough

smell? D&G light blue

body part on the opposite sex? Hair.

way to spend a day? Horse shows.

color? Navy


hobby? Horses.


i am happiest when: shopping. drinking coffee. dancing. with friends. in 216.

fast food is; the bain of my existence

i am: having a laf.

sex: sure.

i am healthiest when: ….? wtf?

i wish i: wasn’t in work.

i wish everyone would: just fuck off for a while.

i don’t: want to see the film Mamma Nia ever again. load of bollix.

i love: Joey kavanagh. he makes everyting shiny.


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