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My head begins to hurt with sub-genres sometimes. And it seems that despite quite a bit of hype, Drumstep is still being just brushed under the Drum ‘N’ Bass carpet and many enthusiasts are refusing to ackowledge it for anything more. I find the intensity of Drum ‘N’ Bass a little much at times, especially in a club setting so I’ve warmed to this not-so-sub genre quite well. To explain…’Drumstep’ has a BPM of around 175 (sometimes reaching as low as 160BPM though) as per the normal DnB BPM. However the drums occur half as much. This makes it sound similar to Dubstep although all the other elements are still follow DNB patterns. Gwan have a listen to some of what has won me over..

Excision Downlink Datsik – Exsistence Vs Reploid Vs SouthPaw – [WhompRat Drumstep Megamash]

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

Figure and Will Bailey – Move (Drumstep Mix)

Kitty Kat by Minnesota