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..listening to Damu.

Beautiful layers of synths, layered vocal melodies bring together Damu’s intense sound. His busy tracks hit quite a few genres from Juke to Garage to House and whatever the hell falls in between.

There is something very fresh here. Read this for an interview from him. And listen.



throne it

I have a guilty love for Death to the Throne. He has a pattern he successfully follows and churns out some sick remixes. Generally full of bubbling synths and huge house rhythms, his ‘Technologic‘ and ‘LES Artistes‘ remixes are ace. His latest offering of Metric’s Twilight Galaxy’ is no different. Great finish to track. LOVELY.

Metric – Twilight Galaxy (Death To The Throne Remix)



Despite the creditation Mumdance has built up I never really got particularly excited about his productions. His EP, ‘Mum Decent’ was as expected with the exception of ‘Don’t Forget Me Now‘ featuring London vocalist Esser. However November 29th sees a grime release ‘Tarahtid EP’ on No Hats No Hoods. The free download which is a bonus track accompanying the press release is truly exciting. Listen. Here is to hoping this release follows through.


Slow speed…

I’m aware I’m slightly slow on the uptake with this Tokyo Police Club track but I have my excuses. Their new track ‘Breakneck Speed’ shouts development and maturity. With their familiar enticing lyrics, the slow paced track is longer than usual and despite the lack of frantic riffs and pounding drumming, it stands solid and possibly a hint at their change in direction in their upcoming album, ‘Champ’. I can’t help but put it on repeat.

Pit full of Diamonds

Anyone who is a consistent reader of this blog will be aware of my love for Marina & the Diamonds, for her voice, attitude, and how beautifully re-workable her songs are. The recent release of her debut album, ‘The Family Jewels’ threw out a whole body of new tracks that will no doubt translate to a club setting quite nicely with some work.

One track of which, ‘I Am Not A Robot’, although it’s been around for a while has just been brought to new heights by non other than Passion Pit. It’s been taken, fused with exploding synths and new keyboard melodies and is intended for a dancefloor. In it’s new skin it which would go down in beautifully in any light electro set.

This track will be on the re-release of ‘I Am Not A Robot’ which is out here on the 23rd of April in Ireland.

Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not a Robot (Passion Pit Remix)(download)

Oh, finally.

FrankMusik, where do you begin to describe the highs and lows of his somewhat questionable music quest so far. ‘3 Little Words’ was beautiful. ‘In Step’ was on repeat back in 2008. He showed the same potential Dan Black held at the helm of his album release. He was on BBC’s poll in as one to watch in 2009 before the debut album, ‘Complete Me’ was released. It was disappointing. And then he disappeared.

But now he’s back. The latest track to surface, ‘Losing Streak’ is nothing short of what we all wanted to hear last year.With a little help from Computer Club, his soft voice has been placed over a heavier electropop backdrop and some interesting lyrics hopefully marks the start of what’s to come. Please please please.


Yes Giantess – Ruins

eh, heya.