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Mentions of Mumdance and Melé are common on this here blog. Mumdances’ ‘Smasher’ from his Mum Decent Release (on no other than Mad Decent) is getting some UK attention from none other than Melé, who has outputting excellence for many a month now. Grime perfection. This sample hit Soundcloud today. Roll on the release on Mad Decent.

Mumdance – Smasher (Melé Remix)


cats with glasses.

And it’s here. Out today, Mumdance’s Tarahtid EP is an excellent mix of Mumdance’s sound so far blended into this grime release. ‘Tarahtid‘, featuring Jammer and Trim is as explosive as expected and an impressive step into this genre. ‘What Ima Say Next‘ is a powerful track, full of house rhythm and big synth lines but not quite I was expecting. I was hoping it would drift more towards the sound of the previously mentioned bonus track, ‘So Squalid’, which has won out as my favorite on this release, mainly for it’s vocals and low subs. Follow up release will see Mumdance back on Mad Decent but he has’t given much away about what to expect.

EP available here.


Despite the creditation Mumdance has built up I never really got particularly excited about his productions. His EP, ‘Mum Decent’ was as expected with the exception of ‘Don’t Forget Me Now‘ featuring London vocalist Esser. However November 29th sees a grime release ‘Tarahtid EP’ on No Hats No Hoods. The free download which is a bonus track accompanying the press release is truly exciting. Listen. Here is to hoping this release follows through.