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counter balance

Breton. Mentioned many a time here, the electronica/hip-hop outfit are rolling up with their third release. Counter Balance is out on the 6th of December. You can preview the EP here. Beautiful tracks as usual. Gerrrronih.


throne it

I have a guilty love for Death to the Throne. He has a pattern he successfully follows and churns out some sick remixes. Generally full of bubbling synths and huge house rhythms, his ‘Technologic‘ and ‘LES Artistes‘ remixes are ace. His latest offering of Metric’s Twilight Galaxy’ is no different. Great finish to track. LOVELY.

Metric – Twilight Galaxy (Death To The Throne Remix)



Whip My Hair – Willow Smith (Philly Club Demo REMIX)

Mumdance ft Esser – Battle (Wookie Cover)

Munchi – Skrillex Es Un Montro

RTE03: Legend4ry

The Bad Touch (Prime Remix) – Bloodhound Gang


Svelt St & 2Tech

Currently listening to this album, ‘Check Out These Kicks’ from Svelt St & 2Tech. It’s a Trip Hop /Dub/Electro vibe. Aggressive. Pretty sick. Download available here.

cats with glasses.

And it’s here. Out today, Mumdance’s Tarahtid EP is an excellent mix of Mumdance’s sound so far blended into this grime release. ‘Tarahtid‘, featuring Jammer and Trim is as explosive as expected and an impressive step into this genre. ‘What Ima Say Next‘ is a powerful track, full of house rhythm and big synth lines but not quite I was expecting. I was hoping it would drift more towards the sound of the previously mentioned bonus track, ‘So Squalid’, which has won out as my favorite on this release, mainly for it’s vocals and low subs. Follow up release will see Mumdance back on Mad Decent but he has’t given much away about what to expect.

EP available here.


Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Tha Trickaz Remix)

Skrillex – Slats Slats Slats

Detboi – Get Low

Munchi – Esta Noche

Frankie Grimes – Areté

Hudson Mohawke – Snapdragon



Skrillex aka Sonny Moore has been eroding corners of credibility for his intense glitch electronic offerings and successfully blurring the lines of what genre he falls into, with melodic progressions and explosive drops he hits house, electro and dubstep.

He has had two releases this year; ‘My Name is Skrillex’ was a statement release of introduction (which you can download for free here.)  ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ showed beautiful progression and managed to climb Beatport charts which is rare for dubstep tracks.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

AND Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)

Kill Everybody

His remixes are also worthy of a mention;

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are,

Twin Atlantic – What Is Light….

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance.