If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Is it raining in here?

One hell of a fucking weekend it has to be fucking said. Edinburgh was epic. And sadly, it was time to go hone.

The last 7 hours have been spent taking various modes of transport to reach Dublin. Two taxis, two trains, one bus and a plane. The absolute joys. Now, the travelling I don’t mind… I had Foals to keep my company. However, I was tired… sore… and just wanted to be at home. Having finally reached Dublin Airport… I walked the fucking mile and a half from Terminal D, dragging my sorry ass, hood up, jacket on with my bag dragging behind me. And the first Aiport Staff that I came across was a 40 year old wan… and the first thing that was said was not, ‘Welcome to Dublin Airport’… it was not, ‘Hope you had a nice flight’… But she looks me up and down, looks at my hood and pipes up with, ‘Is it raining in here?’ The fucking audacity of her. No it’s not fucking raining, I’m just that fucking cool that I have my hood up indoors… because I’m fucking tired and it was up in the hope that people like you wouldn’t bother me. I stopped, looked at here and just replied… ‘Does it look like it’s fucking raining in here?’. It’s not my fault your on the night shift. It’s not my fault you hate your job so much you feel it’s neccessary to comment on lucky holiday-goers clothes.



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