If the music is too loud, you're too old.

‘If this is a rom-com kill the director…’

Yes, once again, I am raving about another teen trash movie. WildChild…

“Teenage wild child Poppy (Emma Roberts) is a spoiled Malibu Princess with trademark long blonde hair and a wardrobe that would make Paris Hilton jealous.Typically mean,rude and disrespectful, she finally pushes her long suffering father (Aidan Quinn) too far when she throws an out-of-control party in the family home.He retaliates by packing his not-so darling daughter off to boarding school-in England.Here, Poppy discovers a strict regime and haughty Brit girls whose rigidly-enforced hierarchy rates her as the lowest of the low.Determined to get herself expelled, Poppy hits on the perfect plan-snogging Freddie (Alex Pettyfer),the dishy son of the headmistress (Natasha Richradson).But ironically, Poppy discovers that her ticket out of the school might just be the reason why she ends up wanting to stay.”

Probably sounds like your worst nightmare? Fair game.

I loved it. There is something very endearing about Poppy, especially when she changes her hair colour to brown in the middle of the film. Not only do you see how beautiful she is, (never thought I’d admit someone looks better with brown hair…!) but her vulnerability is touching.

The male lead, Freddie is just as endearing but for different reasons. Just look at him.

It’s fun, rebellious, well directed and has a good soundtrack with such tunes as New Young Pony Club’s Ice Cream and The Saturdays’ If This Is Love.


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