If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Electric Picnic, The Aftermath.

It was the most fun three days ever.

Even the drive down was good banter… ‘Circles…how are those circles coming along?!!’ Kowley mapped out our schedules as we sat in the lengthy queue up to the car parks. People were jumping out of their cars to have chat wit anyone they could find. We finally got parked and set up.

First on the agenda was Jape…. who were good. However, my first thought was that the sound wasn’t incredibly impressive. However, it was only the Crawdaddy tent that had this problem as the case was the same for Foals set later on in the weekend. Jape didn’t blow me away but I won’t quite give up on them.

Next on the agenda was Christy Moore. Now… while I have no idea of one Christy Moore song, I felt I should go along for the novelty of the whole situation… which I did. And I was bored. Yeah… I said it! BORED. So myself and Karen bailed and bopped around for a while…

Digitalism…. Unbelieveable, highlight of the weekend. Two German DJ’s. Long set. Good visuals. Hearing Homezone live was all I thought it would be.

Tiga… Dissapointing start. Instead of mixing any of his own songs, he started slowly with some less than inspiring beats. We abandoned him for Sigur Ros. We returned after to see that he had fixed his errors with The Gossips’ Standing in the way of control being played to a gleeful audience.

Sigur Ros… I’ll admit that while I do enjoy hearing Sigur Ros’s music, I would rarely listen to it myself. Yes, I’ll listen to it in passing, at a friends house, on TV advertisements but never on my iPod. I was intrigued to see how they would pull off playing on the main stage, as in my opinion, I would expect Sigur Ros would be enjoyed more in an intimate surrounding. I was as good as speechless. Firstly, the sound was impeccable. With so many instruments, it is obviously necessary but it really couldn’t have been any better. The entire crowd was captivated and despite an entire festival going on around us, all you could focus on was the sound and the stage. With fluttering white glittering deorations spilling from the top of the stage it was the atmosphere I enjoyed more then the set itself.

I then spent the rest of the evening in the Tiny Tea Tent in Body & Soul… it was lots of fun.

I woke up pretty early Saturday morning so myself and John got up to get coffee.

First act of the day was Super Extra Bonus Party. I finally got to see them! Last time I had planned to see them, it didn’t quite end so well! There is something very charming about these lads. There’s no arrogance or bullshit, they are just fucking good. They put on a great show and considering they were on so early in the day, they drew a strong crowd. One of my highlights.

Oppenheimer… Excellent. The band is to Belfast lads with character and good happy fun tunes. I enjoyed watching their set as it was relaxing and not too much to take in.

After them, I caught the end of Ulrich Schnauss, an electronic music composer. I’m not even going to lie, I was standing there, mouth wide open. I’m yet to see at entire song composed of electronic music and the feedback from an electric guitar. At one stage the guitarist played the strings of the guitar off the side of the microphone pole. Very ambient and relaxed music with an incredible twist.

I went to the next set purely because a friend of a friend was playing and that was where everyone was. Attention Bebe was their name. Imagine about 15 people on stage, all with different instruments, from trumpets to a xylophone, two bad singers and bad covers of such tunes as Mr Vain and Cotton Eye Joe. Yet, as bad as they sounded, they were rather entertaining and I found myself bopping along to their attempts at cover songs.

After enough music, I saw Adam Hills in the comedy tent for the third time this month. This man is undeniably hilarious. And to the audiences delight, very good at improvising as he managed to put together an old school fight scene with a dressed up Batman, Robin, two Jokers, a pig, cow and chicken. Not only hilarious, he’s ridiculously hot so you would watch the show for that alone.

My Adam Hills experience was cut short however by Dan Deacons set in the little big tent. I’m glad Dan Deacon was all I had said he would be. I harped on about how good he was going to be all weekend so thankfully he hit the mark or I would have had to deal with some very angry people! Annoyingly, I had my camera with me so I couldn’t join in in the madness that soon ensued in the tent. Instead, I got to stand on the opposite side of the barrier on a step to take photos. (See EPIC post. ->) His table is set up in the middle of the dancefloor/audience and apart from the music alone being brilliant, he has the entire crowd running around in circles, making formations for people to run through and simply creating genuine mayhem. I’ve never seen anything like it! Absolutly brilliant.

Cut Copy… EPIC. Nothing else to say. They showed off everything they were capable of in their 50minute set.

Santogold… This was not only musically brilliant, but it was a good show. Her dancers, her band, were all in sync. It made the whole set so much more exciting. Her voice is thrilling, seen best when singing Creator. One of my favourites of the weekend.

We spent the next two hours at George Clinton. Couldn’t really tell you if it was good or not considering I had never heard of him before. But it was good to dance to! Spent the next hour or so in the forest dancing. Got some food. Got to bed about 4am.

Sunday was the most relaxing of all days.

The wonderful thing about Electric Picnic is you could have as good a weekend as anyone else irrespective of the music. There is enough going on that you need take one step near a music tent.I spent about three hours in the comedy tent. Maeve Higgins wowed the crowds with her awkward silliness and as Des Bishop descibed her comedy, it’s like you are ‘being tickled lightly.’

The first band I saw on Sunday was Foals. Now, on a day to day basis, I would listen to Foals at some point. They have become to be one of my favorite over the course of this summer. While I cannot in anyway fault their music talents, originality, or composition, I will fault their show. Taking into account that the sound in the Crawdaddy tent was anything less than shite, they lacked energy. Their lead singer didn’t really interact with the crowd. His microphone didn’t even face the audience. I loved every minute that they were playing, their music is brilliant but there wasn’t alot of strong performing there.

Next up were The Dodo’s. I only went because John and Whelo were there. Brilliant, Captivating, Passionate. And charming. The lead singer thanked the crowd after every song for being there rather than at any of the other acts playing. And a little hiccup didn’t take away from their set. Their metal bin set up with a microphone placed just inside it fell down and after smacking it a few times out of anger, the lead singer picked up his guitar and worked from there from the feedback and by playing.

Yacht…. hate to break it to ya’s lads, there is a band already doing what you are doing. They are called the Ting Tings. Except the music is live and not as fucking random. No wonder the tent was empty.

Last but not least, CHROMEO. ‘CHROMEO…OH! OH!’… It was clear that these guys have a long supporting fan base who appreciate them. Their first album, She’s in Control was the soundtrack to5th year in school and the rest is history. Working from synthesizers, a talk box, keyboard, guitar and vocals, this duo have always impressed me. And their live show did all that and more. I couldn’t stop smiling. EPIC.

The rest of the night was spent wandering around Body & Soul, drinking tea by the fire and waiting for the Temple of Truth to be burned at 2am. However at about 1.45am it started to pour rain and so after waiting around for long enough, myself John and Whelo bailed home and I was in bed in Dublin by 5am.


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  Lyndsay wrote @

I’m raging that I didn’t go this year.

I’m so jealous you saw Digitalism (my ticket for their last gig in the button factory is still in its envelope) and Santogold (who ‘lost her voice’ when me and joey were supposed to see her in crawdaddy).

I’m so going next year.

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