If the music is too loud, you're too old.

All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!

My obsession with N*E*R*D started about 6 years ago, when hearing the song Truth Or Dare on 2FM. At age 15, it was one of the first albums I ever bought. Since then, N*E*R*D and more publicly known, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, the Neptunes producers have gained global acclaim.

In June, I came across the limited publicity material for Lovebox, a festival that originated in London, born from Groove Armada’s desire for a new festival with that certain… bite. This year it came to Dublin under MCD’s management. This was probably Lovebox’s biggest mistake. Not coming to Dublin, but entrusting a successful festival in someone else’s hands.

Firstly, there was very limited publicity for such a young, unknown festival. A rare mistake for MCD, I will admit but any publicity that was done was poor and too close to the event. Their posters were dull and it is my guess, MCD thought that the festival would sell itself. Well… it might have, had they put N*E*R*D as the main headliners. But no no… let’s put Maximo Park head of that playbill. That will sell tickets…(?) N*E*R*D have been around for over a decade and have literally changed the course of music history. Maximo Park have had a relatively successful 8 years. But Saturday said it all… with a lot of people raising eyebrows as to who the fuck they were.

Lack of publicity was evident on Saturday as Lovebox kicked off at Marley Park. We arrived at 4 o clock, two hours after gates opened. For Marley park, the place was as good as 1/10th full. Drunk teenagers running around, squealing and irritating those who have outlived that bollix. Looking around, it was only the drunk 16 year olds that were having fun. Anyone 18+ looked less than amused. Those who weren’t quite interested in seeing the Plain White T’s painfully belt out their less than original tunes, sat out in the beer garden-esque area where they were equally punished by RedBull’s Dodge Vehicle. An old jeep, renovated into a DJ box belted out 90’s music while two jamaican ‘singers’ sang along.

I will admit that from 4 o clock – 7 o clock I was bored. The only entertainment being Dublin’s finest young drunk teenagers seeing off their summer holidays with one last hurrah. I’m glad to say I never endeavored in such behavior. However, at 7 o clock, the day stared to look up. Paolo Nuitini drunkenly belted out his ever uplifting songs to a finally content audience. The benefit of the unsuccessful ticket sales meant there was plenty of room for a bit of a boogie so we shook our asses around and enjoyed what was finally shaping up to a good evening.

So… with Paolo now finished, on came N*E*R*D. With the desire to be near the front, we positioned ourselves near enough that we had a clear view but not so close that were going to be squashed. However… drunk teenagers and over enthusiastic fuckwits spoiled our fun and began pushing, shoving and shouting. So we moved out of harms way.

There is no doubt about it. It was one of the greatest live shows I have ever seen. It has to be up there with Matt Caughthran of The Bronx moshing with fans whilst singing False Alarm in the ambassador. Pharrell Williams has unsurpassed ability to get a crowd going by simply looking at them. They started with Kill Joy from Seeing Sounds, moved onto Anti Matter and excited the crowd with Spaz. Then ‘In Search Of…’ got some play time… as did ‘Fly or Die’ which in my opinion, has been their weakest album. This was evident as the crowd didn’t react as well to the songs played from their first and current albums.

Dragging fans up on stage… moshing with them… encouraging absolute mayhem. At one point, after bringing thirty or so girl on stage, (much to my dismay) he then looked into the crowd and said. “Now, I can see about 200 girls and only… 7 security guards… what are you going to do about that?!”

The last three songs, Lapdance, Everyone Nose and the finale, She Wants to Move were positively explosive.

Something I hadn’t seen in a while. It was worth the wait to see them and I would go out of my way to see them again.


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