If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Ignoring all prior advice and fore warning. And we might be full of ourselves all of a sudden, aren’t we?

“Yeah, the BT is coming on Thursday to install the broadband in the house”. Spoken by one of my close friends Tamara as she told me about her current living situation in London where she has moved in an attempt to start her life… Having finished her degree she has fled Ireland and is making use of her Communications degree.

With final year just around the corner, I seem to be faced with the, ‘So what are you going to do next year?’ question on a daily basis. I’ve never been one to delude myself into thinking that my Multimedia degree would make me my millions… Nor have I been one to delude myself into thinking I could be happy with anything less. When I am faced with this question, I weigh up what my two years in college have qualified me for. A graphic designer…? I think not. I am certainly not good enough to be eligible for a creative position in an uber cool design studio. I would barely cut it in Accenture, making their less than impressive newsletters, where I assure you, I would end up chewing my own face off with boredom. I got a taste of what it would be like working in the corporate market as a designer, proposing ideas that are cast off for concern of resembling a charity this summer where I was forced to design posters for less than creative personnel with human resources degrees.

So what am I qualified for? Well, officially…NOTHING. But my experience in PR over the two years will serve me well enough to attempt to push my feet through the doors of some exciting marketing/PR company in London with any luck. And two years on the Student’s Union and the ever agonising question of, ‘to President or not to President?’.

But as I weigh up all my options, my thoughts are constantly repressed by the incessant recession murmurings… As I sat in my friends luxury kitchen in her large country house on Wednesday night, we began to discuss the prospect of not being as successful as our parents.. As she put it clearly… look at this house my father has built, that I drive to in the car bought for me, by someone who never went to college but got lucky during the Celtic Tiger. “We are the Celtic Tiger cubs… we are the children born into an economic boom, ready to take full advantage of our convenient birthdays..”, sais as part of a speech given to us on the day of our graduation. Ha. Well, if only we fucking knew back then. We discussed at length on Wednesday where are lives may be going… And that our hopes of entrepreneurship and innovative business deals are slightly tainted by a downturning market. No matter what we learn in college, no mater how hard we work, is it slightly in vain? Considering the companies we will be employed by won’t have the money with which to reward us?

I argued that regardless of the recession, there is always going to be competition, a turnover of staff and and opportunity to progress, born from the panic of CEO’s to ensure that in a suffering economic climate, they will strive to be the best of a bad bunch. And so led to the question of buying property and how to fend for our children? … Well, the other two discussed that. I told them that while they are wondering about what primary school to send little Conor and Alex to, I will be sipping a cup of Illy filtered coffee in my penthouse in Ballsbridge and reaping the financial rewards of spinsterhood.

People keep talking about this worldwide recession and how essentially, we’re all fucked. But some optimists say we are all being a bit to careful and that it is all hype. It is my opinion that they are in complete denial… Just listen to the radio or pick up any newspaper… “Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS), ‘has survived European revolutions, agricultural depressions, two world wars, stock market crashes and too many recessions to mention. Now it has succumbed to the greatest convulsion in financial markets since 1929.’ They will be absorbed by rival Lloyds.” – The Scotsman. Now, if thats not an example of how we are entirely fucked I don’t know what is. The Financial Times are leading with the headline, “Economic Panic Worst Since WWII…Everyone Running For Cover!

So… Will we be as successful as our parents? Will we manage to keep ourselves in the lifestyle we have grown accustomed to thanks to them? Or are or efforts in vain? Are we deluding ourselves into believing that our efforts now will pay off in the future?

Quite frankly, I haven’t a fucking clue.


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