If the music is too loud, you're too old.


…the weekend. Yes. This one in particular to be exact. While I shamelessly plug my own night I am also pointing you in the direction of The Beatyard Weekender whose aim is to bring together enthusiasts of music, media & culture where they can meet like minded people and  discover something new. Bodytonic have gone all out for this line-up with pretty much everything from music to mini-malls and all the bits in between.

Tomorrow night being one of those… Come As Soon As You Hear & Forward/Slash have teamed up once again to play our part in the Beatyard hussle and are bringing you music, films, performance and nacho appreciation in the Bernard Shaw from 8pm. We got have Haido, Frankie Grimes, kDamo, James McLoughlin serving you up the finest tunes this side of the Portebello Bridge, Support for Nacho Appreciation Day (there will be sombreros), film screenings from The New Volta, Lobsterboy serving you visuals, video games on the Big Blue Bus & CASAYH performance installations (expect paddling pools, photobooths and tents.) all from 8pm. If you haven’t had enough get your self down to Twisted Pepper for Mr. Jones and Magda & Marc Houle Album Tour Party. It will be filthy.

Saturday sees the welcomed return of Toejams’ Carboot Sale in compressed form, the ‘Toejam Mini-Mall‘. Everything from vintage clothes, random treasures, good food and even better DJ’s it’s always an awesome buzz. You can spend hours drinking your weight in Mojitos. Do go. And then stay for that BABE Orlando and his Super Saturday with Muc (Untz Soundsystem, Waterford), Mr Devitt & Geppetto Co:lab (Live Visuals).

Theres fuck loads more. Full line-up is here. EMBRACE IT YO.


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