If the music is too loud, you're too old.


Rusko. Hoping to steer clear of harping on about Rusko’s place in the ever changing, increasingly challenged genre of Dubstep, we can agree that he is accepted as a heavyweight, since the release of ‘Cockney Thug’ he has continued to through out volumes of tracks, all leaning towards the more bass-driven offerings.

His debut, O.M.G stays in keeping with it’s heavy bass and clear ‘wobble’ dripped throughout but I’m agreeing with critics that it falls into a crossover of genres more than one too many times. Verging on breakbeat, 90’s rave and clever hooks similar to that of a classic pop song he has stayed in a comfortable space.  To those suggesting it’s a pushing the envelope album, I disagree.

The album is explosive at times. He is clearly intent of huge dancefloor anthem like tracks and nearly feels like a two fingers to those who have questioned his abilities to produce that sub-base sound attributed to dubstep producers before him. As an album, the flow of tracks is beautifully put together.

Collaborations with Crookers, Gucci Mane and Redlight are highlights.

Oy – Rusko Ft Crookers


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