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Wounded Corners?

Apologies for my absence. I have been very busy doing important things that important people do… mainly going out, A LOT. We danced at C.U.N.T, said goodbye to Antics and said hello to an exciting new monthly night in the Shebeen Chic, ‘Cock and Bull‘. For the enjoyment of music lovers, Cock and Bull will hold live gigs on a monthly basis which are filmed and accompanied by interviews with each band. Thursday just gone was their first event which was in a word, wonderful. The Shebeen Chic provided an intimate setting for WOUNDS and We Cut Corners to rile up and respectively calm and soothe the crowd. Despite a few moments of waiting around while some parts were being filmed or guitars were being replaced, the general atmosphere was relaxed and excited for what was to come. Theres something about cameras buzzing around that makes everything a bit more interesting I guess!

WOUNDS offered an intense, light bulb shattering performance. As their lead singer scaled the bar and their guitarist threw himself onto the crowd, it’s clear this band strength lies in their live show. Admittedly, I didn’t find their songs particularly original but accompanied by their psychotic manner and ‘we don’t give a fuck’ attitude they had the crowd in the palm of their hands with a beautifully considered set.

The main act of the night was We Cut Corners. I have heard some of their material before but wasn’t particularly enamored. However, after experiencing them live I’m  a little bit in love. Despite their adorably pleasant manner drum-guitar duo have quite the ability to silence and excite an audience with incredible vocals and harmonies, interesting pace breaks and a lot of variety within their set. Even with their minimalist setup, they have the ability to belt, pound and end with impact. I would strongly suggest a listen. I currently have ‘Toll Free’ on repeat.

On the day, Cock and Bull also filmed Patrick Kelleher who will also feature in their first episode. You should DEFINITELY give him a listen.


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