If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Cassius, an accident?

How exactly do you define an amazing live show? Sweaty topless boys running around? Shoes flying on to the stage? Whirlpool crowds? Crowd surfers? Stage dives? Drinks flying through the air?

Trying to define what made last nights Heineken Green Spheres show so unbelievable is difficult. Apart from the electrifying performances from Bombay Bicycle Club and Foals, there was something about last nights show that brought it to another level. As Heineken seamlessly set the stage for the night with their glowing green lights, fridges of free alcohol and beautiful ceiling hangings, the audience filtered in one by one, mostly likely unprepared for the intensity that was to come.

LaFaro excited the crowd with a heavy set of guitars and head banging. By the time Bombay Bicycle Club took to the stage, the atmosphere was electric which suited their surprisingly intense set very well. They handpicked the best of their debut album, ‘I Had The Blues but I Shook Them Loose‘ and brought their seemingly, relaxed album up about four notches to a bouncing, hand clapping, fists in the air audience. Lead singer Jack Steadmans’ vocals are nothing short of perfect and accompanied wonderfully by the bands xylophone, keyboards and trembling guitars.

As anticipation for Foals grew, the venue seemed to tighten up, people taking their places for what was to be the most excited crowd I have seen grace the Academy’s floor. I foolishly placed myself somewhere in the middle of the crowd and as their opening song, ‘Cassius’ was belted out I was literally thrown, bounced, pushed and prodded from one side of the crowd to the other. My little old self made my way to the back in an attempt to save myself from injury and enjoy the rest of Foal’s set. With a well thought out set, they powered through the best of their new album and the most electric tracks from ‘Antidotes’. ‘Spanish Sahara’, ‘Total Life Forever’ and ‘Balloons’ were all met to circle pits of insanity. The most notable trait of their live sets is their ability to contain and control energy and release it at the most precise moments, always keeping their crowd deliriously gagging for more. Despite not saying anything to their crowd, lead singer, Yannis did get his hands dirty, jumping into the crowd twice, leaving us at the back wondering is he’d ever emerge.

I left feeling sweaty, overwhelmed and exhausted. Amazing.


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