If the music is too loud, you're too old.

‘Woah’ is pretty accurate…

…. as a description for Chew Lips live performance. Unicorn has commanded respect based on it’s bass-heavy electro, clicking synth like breaks and captivating lyrics, all complimented by beautiful vocals delivered by frontwoman, ‘Tigs’. Their aim is to make “music that sounds so dated it doesn’t date” which is unquestionably fulfilled. Did I have doubts about how it would translate into a live setting? Yes.

Last night in Crawdaddy, their live show pushed this album to new heights. On one tiny stage, lit with strobes and spots and one very powerful smoke machine, frontwoman ‘Tigs’ captivated the room. Belting out track after track, with beautiful ease, she prancing around the stage dancing like she was in her bedroom in front of a mirror. She was mesmerizing, breaking down an otherwise intimidating appearance. All complimented by multi-instrumentalists,Will Sanderson and James Watkins. Keyboards, electronic drums, synthesizers, and guitars alternated as they threw out their album to an excited, incredibly engaged audience. Singles, ‘Solo’ and ‘Play Together’ were met with cheers, dancing and sing-alongs as was ‘Toro’, one of the strongest songs on the album. A completely seamless performance, leaving the audience wanting more, there is no doubt they are going to light up the european festival season this summer.

This gig was incredible. The album is explosive. It’s only up from here.


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