If the music is too loud, you're too old.

suggestions of nice things.

I’m aware that some posts fall slightly out of sync with the obvious music taste on this blog but bear with me. Suggestions from friends must be shared, correct?

Let me at least mention this lovely piano based indie band from Toronto, ‘Great Bloomers’. It’s southern ‘Beach Boys-ie’ type, well executed indie-rock with soft vocals and fists full of energy. Lovely for summer evenings in a park.


I’m aware many know of Laura Marling. I’m admitting I heard of her for the first time last week and have been playing her album, ‘I Speak Because I Can’ on repeat. Folk singer-songwriter from Hampshire manages to capture all that one would expect when defining the term, ‘harrowing lovliness’. Doused with engaging lyrics, wrapped up in acoustic chords and the odd banjo it seems to be one of those abums that will be timeless. Play it, sitting on a cliff face somewhere, contemplating life.


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  kDamo wrote @

Nice. I’ve been giving Laura Marling’s new one a spin or two. It’s good stuff. Saw her in Body & Soul a year or two ago and she was great. She’s in the Academy on the 10th Apr.

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