If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Remember that time…

I feel we spend a lot of time in the blogosphere looking forward and predicting what albums will be like and tearing apart new albums. Today I logged onto Last.Fm and tore through all those albums I was obsessed with circa 2005. Yes, my music taste has developed dramatically. Yes it was heavy. But it was also wonderful…

The Bronx self titled album; beautifully sewn up screaming vocals, testing their audience with every track and raw energy, it was hardcore punk with something original. I remember seeing them play in The Ambassador and watching their frontman, Matt Caughthran flying through a circle pit, belting out vocals perfectly. Tracks to listen to… ‘Gun Without Bullets’, ‘Cobra Lucha’.

Fight Paris – Paradise Found… Jagged guitars, pounding rhythms, and chaotic vocals. This five piece hardcore Southern rock band were a work hard, play harder kind of band. And their lyrics reflected this. Filthy, grimy and by all accounts, brilliant. I played this on repeat in my car driving down the M50 many times. Tracks to listen to… ‘Deville’, ‘One Track Mind’.

Every Time I Die – Gutter Phenomenon. Quite possibly one of my favourite albums ever. Also helps that their frontman, Keith Buckley is quite simply, beautiful. Their first two albums were a heavier take on metalcore and were brilliant but with Gutter Phenomenon was that bit more accessible and I’ll admit, more enjoyable. Kill the Music has always been my favourite track and has an amazing video to accompany it. Tracks to listen to… ‘Kill the Music’, ‘The New Black.’

N*E*R*D – In Search Of… This album, probably not what the band will be remembered for but what I will always know them as, was an original and barely appreciated sound at the time of release. The album slipped into Hip-Hop charts at the time, where it was most certainly displaced. Soft rock, funk is a better description. The album is a confused echoing of what N*E*R*D sound like now, with more attitude and less bass lines. Tracks to listen to… ‘Provider’, ‘Tape You’.


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