If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Lights shine, no matter what you do.

Forget the hype. Forget all those early releases. Taking Ellie Goulding‘s album, ‘Lights’ at face value, I think it’s beautiful. Many have called it safe, over produced or just a bit too short. I think it’s a very accurate summation of her musical journey thus far and has enough to stand it’s own two feet.

The thirty five or so minutes showcase a pop/folk conflict which is incredibly interesting to listen to. Yes, you can feel Starsmith‘s influence on each track but what is the harm? When these two came together in early 2009, a strong and exciting relationship was born and they took this and ran with it. Producing the likes of ‘Black & Gold’ and ‘Starry Eyed’ there combination is unparalleled. I would like to see her work with a variety of producers on the next album which I think will be a crucial part of her ongoing success but for now, I’m content.

The album opens with a ‘Guns & Horses’ which has been modified quite a bit towards the end of the track to allow Ellie’s vocals some stage time and is an clear view of what the album is about. ‘Starry Eyed.’ in it’s new skin is incredible as always. The Writer, a song I wasn’t in love with when I heard it first last year I now find captivating, if not for the lyrics alone. The production of it is basic. It’s lovely. ‘Every Time You Go’ is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I find it a nice balance of this pop/folk struggle and I’m finding it tempting not to put the introduction alone, on repeat.

My only issue is ‘Wish I Stayed’. This original, a collaboration with FrankMusik was a beautiful folk ballad. They have destroyed it with an assortment of what can only be described as noise underneath the vocals. I’m guessing this was done in an act of panic. Or hope so at least. I’ll be keeping the orginal, thank you.

Overall, I find the album one of the most enjoyable and original albums I have heard in a while. And no, it’s not covered in attitude, risky hooks, shouting ballads or ‘cuckoos’ but it’s what Ellie Goulding is about; letting the talent speak for itself.

Repeat, please.


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  Lyndsay wrote @

I was stuck on a train last Thursday and listened to it three times in a row. Love it. And it kept me calm.

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