If the music is too loud, you're too old.

pay them no mind

The last time I saw Yeasayer was in 2007 in Whelans. They played to a small, relatively disinterested crowd. It was a great gig thanks to the bands impeccable ability to make inject energy into their most basic, slow tempo tracks. This has only improved in the last three years. And thankfully their following has surged. The Academy played host to these Brooklyn starlets last night which was packed wall to wall with engaged and excited concert goers.

Not only was the stage filled with their many synthesizers/drums/guitars and other unidentified objects but was lit with plexiglass boxes on which their equipment sat and screens to the rear of stage, delivering fluorescent colours which only added to the remarkable performance and energy delivered to an eager crowd.

As they moved through their album, Ambling Amp was a huge highlight, as was Grizelda. They revisited Wait for the Summer, Sunrise and O.N.E towards the end of their set which was met to a chorus of sing song.

It was electric, intense, flawless and as usual, seriously fucking cool. It’s a shame their album doesn’t reflect this successfully. They must be seen live to be appreciated to their full potential. Still though, the album is awesome.


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