If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Hopeful future

My love for Good Shoes started two years ago when I heard their first album ‘Think Before You Speak’ which was a scratchy indie-pop album with excitable lyrics of escaping youth.They surpass the managed indie pop aesthetic attributed to the likes of ‘The Wombats’ and aline themselves a little closer to the likes of  The Maccabees who attempt to withhold their raw, indie-ness. (Yes, I’m saying it.)

The Good Shoes’ second album, ‘No Hope, No Future’  has been a long time coming, three years to be exact. One would have had expected a major evolution in sound. Well, there hasn’t been. But that doesn’t take away from it’s successful attempt at the dreaded second album. It’s brilliant in all the ways their debut was, scratchy vocals, rumbling bass and indie pop instrumentals to dance to but it’s material has matured a great deal, writing about everything from heartache to religion. It’s stepped away from playful and evolved to emotive. And I’ loving it.

Worth a listen; ‘I Know’, ‘1000 Miles an Hour’.


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