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acoustically pleasing painting

oh yes. Frenchie boy, Sliimy crept up about 5/6 months ago as Perez Hiltons‘ piece of work which put him in a certain box with the promising musical outlays of Lady Gaga, LadyHawke and Frankmusik of who he also noticed had a unique sound. His debut single, ‘Wake Up’ never fails to make me feel a little warm inside with his excitable feminine vocals, soft synths and playful rifs. His debut album, ‘Paint Your Face‘, is no different. Offering a variety of heavier, more varied melodies and vocals, this album is acoustically pleasing and full of warm fuzzys from start to end. It’s not doing anything particularly innovative which I thought I might with his vocal range but I must say, i’m thoroughly enjoying it. ‘Womanizer’ and ‘Paint Your Face’ are winners.


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  Kimberly wrote @

Hey, just wanted to let you know about a contest my blog is having where we’re giving away two Sliimy Music Tees. If you haven’t heard about them the Tees are basically a Tee shirt with the album art on it and a code to download the full album. It’s a pretty cool concept, I think.

Anyways, check it out if you’re interested and good luck!


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