If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Oh how you shine, Marina.

Image by Academy

Us ‘Emeralds’ do love you. Marina and the Diamonds returned to our fair isle last night to play at the Academy in Dublin and Heinken Green Spheres in Carlow. (…and yes, I’m going to both.) Having seen her play at Electric Picnic already this year, I thought I knew what to expect. I was quite mistaken. The sound and non-acoustically pleasing surroundings of a tent evidently took away from the potential this lady’s voice has of making your hair stand on end. As she powered through her setlist, stomping around in killer heels, it is evident she’s ahead of the game. With the presence of an experienced diva and the personality of a kitten, she won over Dublin, judging by the crowds reactions.

Seated at her piano, she belted out ‘Numb’ and a wonderfully raw version of ‘Mowgli’s Road’, showcasing, once again, her incredibly unique and versatile voice. Ending on the what will be the released version of ‘Mowgli’s Road‘, she had us all smiling, dancing and wanting more.

This lady’s got it. It’s only up from here.


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