If the music is too loud, you're too old.

an appreciation or two.


It’s safe to say I’ve had a wonderfully culture filled weekend. Starting in the Bernard Shaw on Thursday, I caught the tail end of Arthur’s Day, an impressive marketing stunt created to stir up some national pride out of absolutely nowhere. The city was alive which I appreciated as these coming months can be rather stale, lacking a little in holidays with which reap a night out or two. Well done to guinness, you entertained the masses and made an absolute mint in the process.

The buzz of Thursday filtered into Friday for Culture Night 2009. Admittedly, this was my first time to embrace Culture Night and it certainly won’t be my last. After stopping off in the Oonagh Young Gallery to see my friend Frank Wasser perfoming an overture, ‘Observations from the Wayside’, I made my way through Temple Bar with friends (…as a kazoo band with some occasional rapping from yours truly) it was wonderful to see the public of Dublin spilling out of gallery’s rather than pubs on a Friday night. As we reached Francis Street, our final destination, we were met by a talented samba band stirring up an excellent atmosphere for the punters strolling from one gallery to the next. Zabba performed to a packed crowd in Monster Truck which was serious banter which finally led to sitting on the street for a considerable amount of time after talking nonsense to strangers.

Today I attended Stargaze, the one day arts festival in D-Light Studios. This space is amazing. Situated just off Portland Row, it’s size, high ceilings, great light and structure made it a perfect host to a day of art, performance, music and free food and drink. There was lots to see and do from circling the room taking in all of the artists work to interacting with the installations, going to a performance to listening to a band, the twelve hour event was well scheduled and well worth your €10.

Belly full of culture later, i’m happily reminded how wonderful this city can be. Dublin, put your hands up.


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