If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Bulletproof Line-up

From my memory of Electric Picnic last year, I spent a lot of time running from one tent to another, catching starts of certain acts and ends of others, whilst stumbling across younger artists during the daytime slots. This year was somewhat different, less choice meant I caught all sets in their entirety and surprisingly, little on my timetable disappointed, unlike last year.

Lykke Li kicked off my festival line up, dazzling the relatively packed Crawdaddy stage. She danced around in her sultry like manner, banging on her drum and singing with that notably unique voice of hers. She is captivating to watch and certainly pleased the crowd. After seeing her live set, I will probably be more inclined to play her music. Admittedly she isn’t always a main contender on my playlists. 

Skipping onto the Little Big Tent, Major Lazer exploded through their set, churning out their notably impressive remixes, tracks and all to impressive visuals. The Little Big Tent became my home for the evening, staying for Fake Blood, Buraka Son Sistema and Diplo. I felt Diplo started off rather slowly but pulled through with the likes of Bonkers & MJ remixes toward the end which pleased an overflowing tent. 

The XX were first up on Saturday and despite peoples distaste for this album and moaning regarding their live set, I am ready to disagree on both accounts. Their odd, androgynous like, passive performance recreated the tone of their album perfectly and their vocals are captivating. 

Next up was Marina & the Diamonds. This little welchie is just superb. She’s beautiful charming and a wonderful performer, from her dancing to her vocals and her adorable crowd interaction she stole the hearts of us emeralds waiting to see her. It was quite clear she was impressed by the warm reception she received with most singing along to ‘I Am Not a Robot’ and ‘Obsessions’. She also played ‘Numb’, her most recent penning which was well received. I’ve been looking forward to seeing her play for so long, it was a definite highlight of the weekend.

The Klaxons were next up. There was no neon, no glowsticks. Just their 2007 tunes, knocked out perfectly to an enthusiastic crowd along with some new material which was openly appreciated with whoops and cheers. An enjoyable and may I say, explosive set. 

Chic. One word. EPIC. Musical history, played out, to perfection to be enjoyed by the mass that filled the Electric Arena. Le Freak, Dance Dance Dance and Good Times were highlights. Beautiful!

After dancing our socks off, we didn’t stop where the flags at the back of the main stage served as our very wide dancefloor for 2 Many Dj’s. My body was not prepared for the epic dancing that ensued as they belted out some of this years best tunes to classics, all blended with ease and an entertaining visual set accompanying. Metallica vs Dolly Parton. amazing.

Sunday rolled around, sore head, sore body and coffee in hand I munched down to enjoy impressive and relaxing sets from Villagers and Mick Flannery who I wouldn’t have originally written into my line up but delivered beautifully. Michachu & the Shapes were in a word, shocking. Firstly because of their age, secondly because of how messy & unorganized their set was and thirdly because of how amazing they sound despite all of this. Drums made out of wine bottles, teeny eeny guitars and teeny eeny band members deliver an eclectic sound. 

Simian Mobile Disco, despite being delayed 45 minutes delivered an explosive set, complimented by their lighting. Sadly their front few rows were 50% full of Flo & The Mo fans who stood there looking rather bored which made it difficult to enjoy  the likes of Audacity of Huge when there is some 18 year old, fake tan wearing yung wan sporting a puss on her face, a marlboro light in one hand, drink in the other, continuously moaning about people pushing.

Florence & The Machine. They wowed Oxegen to jaw dropping results. They wowed Picnic goers to whatever is more impressive than jaw dropping. I genuinely didn’t expect to be bowled over twice. Vocals, instruments, lights, presence, interaction, atmosphere… Untouchable. Most impressive set of the weekend. 

Final must see of the weekend was Passion Pit which was a worrying one to end considering I had heard incredibly mixed reviews of their live shows. I needn’t have worried. Michael Angelakos’s voice is shockingly brilliant and surprisingly unprocessed. They’re a charming bunch, remarking that this festival was muddier than Glasto and more enjoyable that Oxegen which merited a ‘yerrrrrrr’ from the pleased crowd. The likes of `Sleepyhead’ & The Reeling’ were major highlights and despite a few technical glitches, pulled off an impressive performance.

Without one dissapointing act, this line-up was bulletproof. For me anyway. Until next year.


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