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Well done, Diana


No doubt we all remember Diana Vickers… X Factor had to open up their alternative eyes and embrace her husky, folk like voice this year. I have always had a soft spot for her, mainly because of her persistence. Recently she tweeted that she was writing tracks for her album with none other than the very talented Starsmith. Only a week ago one of her tracks was sadly leaked. Clearly her record company need to tighten up their belts and keep a close eye on who she is frequenting with in the music world. 

The track that was leaked is called ‘Jumping into Rivers’, a wonderfully original and upbeat tune that reflects her sweet, yet powerful voice. The music behind the track has an ambient electronic feel. It’s a mature step and the lyrics aren’t completely symptomatic of an emotional 17 year old’s musings. It’s not going to be her debut single but it is one of the songs on her forthcoming album. I’m looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with. You can listen to the track on her website here.



  Lyndsay wrote @

I love her. And that’s a gorgeous photo of her. Now, to listen to that song…

  Lyndsay wrote @

Verdict – me likey. Her voice sounds like it’s matured a bit since X Factor.

  Ciara wrote @

She does look lovely there…

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