If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Get your Irish jersey on, We’re going dancing!

I remember stumbling upon Attention Bebe in the Bernard Shaw tent last year at Electric Picnic and being slightly overwhelmed by not only the number of musicians on stage, but how much noise fifteen people are capable of creating. I have been lucky enough to see them play a number of times since and it is a sure fact that every time I see them, every gig is more fun than the last. I believe the sweet success that Attention Bebe have enjoyed is down to a wonderfully humble, personable nature each of them hold on stage while successfully making mayhem with every beat, strum and note. Tripod has been there biggest venue to play so far and admittedly I questioned their ability to make a lasting impact in such a large venue. Silly of me really. With such a large band of enthusiastic performers, the audience embrace every 90’s tune like it’s the last time they may ever hear it, jumping wildly to the likes of ‘Got The Feeling’, ‘We Like to Party’ and ‘Pump The Jam’. All this is complimented by the excellent visual stylings of Declan Hurley who projects the best of our 90’s memories on three big screens, creating a perfectly fitting backdrop for the madness that tends to ensue on stage. 

I suggest that if you have never seen them play, make it your business to. It’s worth every bead of sweat you’ll shed, jumping around like a rabbit on speed.

You can see the rest of these photos here.


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