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Get Yisser Lungs Out

“Beautiful night, most expectant crowd of the weekend. Will Flo deliver?” tweeted State Magazine as the crowd gathered for Florence and the Machine in the impressive Red Bull tent at Oxegen. Having only secured a ticket at the about 4pm today, I made my way to Punchestown in the hope of catching a few of my favourites, namely Foals, The Virgins and of course Flo and the Mo herself. As I was approached packed tent, I read that her debut album, ‘Lungs’ was announced as the most successful debut album this year via Press Party’s twitter. I couldn’t help but feel sceptical about this performance. For such a powerful recording voice, there was every possibility that it would not translate as well in a live setting.

Translate it did, in the most spectacular way possible. The strength and tone of her voice was every bit as powerful as on CD in harmony with the notably beautiful keyboard and harp playing. Her energy matched the atmosphere in the tent perfectly with an obviously contented crowd who knew a surprising amount of lyrics. With such a reception she rang out ‘Dog Days Are Over’, ‘Kiss with a Fist’, ‘Cosmic Love’ and ‘Raise it Up’ to perfection. There was clapping, jumping, dancing and the odd moment of swaying as the crowd consumed her every effort to interact and excite. The credit must of course not all fall on Florence herself; the band did an amazing job at reproducing the unique sound that is heard throughout Lungs without any faults. The lighting and mist that surrounded her flouncing around in her on a kind Topshop designed get up made the gig experience even more sensual. Hats off Flo & The Mo, you made my night.


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