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Nice view from this Balcony

On Saturday night, the Balcony TV Awards 2009 took place at the Morrison Hotel, Dublin. Balcony TV is one of those wondrous platforms for bands of all sorts to showcase their talent on Balconies in Dublin, London and Hamburg and be published on the website to ensure a flurry of viral excitement. They have recently renovated their website which was not entirely neccessary but a welcomed maneuver all the same. It does echo the design of Muzu.tv but the platform they provide is something no-one can question. 

The Morrison Hotel played home to what can only be described as a well though out setup that allowed each of the fourteen bands that were to scheduled to play start and stop seamlessly, alternating between two stages. I arrived just in time to see blog favourite, The Phonic Athletic play. Looking very sophisticated in white, sporting cravats and fur coats, they played to an interested crowd, of whom I presume were questioning why they didn’t win Best New Irish Act as I believe they should have. (These guys also have a new song on their song, I’m Shivering. Check it out. It’s most fun.)

Fourteen bands were scheduled to play. However at about 12.30am, in strolled the Garda Síochana to close the venue. This could be through no fault of Balcony TV and possibly The Morrisons idiocy but we were herded out the door without having the pleasure of seeing The Amazing Few or Red Kid play. This was a huge shame as the night appeared to running brilliantly otherwise. A shame but I’m sure no loss.


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