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‘First Love’ is my only love?

Brighton based boys, The Maccabees are back with their second album, ‘Wall of Arms’. Their first album, ‘Colour It In’ is one of those albums I find to be timeless; ‘First Love’ and ‘About Your Dress’ have the same affect on me now as when I first heard their album due to their teenage heartache bearing lyrics and light joyful indie beats. However, it seems ‘Wall of Arms’ is a step in a more mature direction. 

‘No Kind Words’ was released for download a few weeks ago and there is an instantly recognizable change. Orlando Weeks voice seems more convincing with a more monotone feel and while they have kept the same racey, beat heavy tracks, their lyrics have a certain aged sincerity that was never apparent in their debut work. It’s jampacked with excessive harmonising and more a more solid vocal range but their fast paced drum beats and lyrics keep this album in line with the bands original sound. 

‘Love You Better’ and ‘Kiss and Resolve’ are two of my favorite tracks so far. It seems that the more I listen to the album, the more it grows on me. Whether it will have the same staying power as ‘Colour It In’ is another thing but for now I am quite content that this album isn’t the disappointment I was preparing myself for.


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  Lyndsay wrote @

I have to get this ASAP. I didn’t even know they’d released a new album. I’m so out of touch.

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