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C’est Parfait?

Would I live in France? Three reasons why I wouldn’t.

1. You can’t get a decent Latté. All I kept getting was a teeny eeny cup with a dash of fucking milk. Do you honestly believe that is going to satisfy my caffeine needs whilst enjoying the sweet taste? I don’t think so.

2. Shops. STAY OPEN PAST 5PM. PLEASE. I may need some cigarettes.

3. It’s not Ireland. I had an unbelievable time on my holiday but I always love coming home to the damp Irish weather where people speak English. I get very frustrated with the ole language barriers. Yes, I did Leaving Cert French. No, I don’t remember a single word.


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  Lyndsay wrote @

You can’t get a decent latté in France? Are you serious??? Wow… Fuck off France!

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