If the music is too loud, you're too old.

“I’m at these things all the time, dontcha know?”

One would like to imagine that rocking up to a shopping centre launch is their average Friday night in Dublin. Well, those hipsters and cool bodies standing around the Arnotts Project Launch on Friday last imagined so anyway. Hats off to Arnotts; they hand picked their crowd excellently, attempting to touch base with the uber cool of Dublin. As I noted the array of recognizable DJ’s, bloggers  and scenester socialites walking around it was clear who their target market were. And then there were the few of us who who got on someone else’s guest-list. It was an impressive anti-recession-tastic set up with a bevvy of free booze, food and freebies. They successfully turned the basement of the store into an appropriate stage for the Dirty Epics and LadyHawke. 

The Dirty Epics are what the are, your average singing, stomping support band. They’ll never be bad, never brilliant but provided a nice backdrop to the start of the nights proceedings. I saw LadyHawke play in February in the Academy and as I walked down Abbey Street disappointed by the kiwi electro queen once, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this performance. However, she did a good job. Her vocals were much stronger this time, there was no drowning out, no level problems. She had one hiccup when it came to Dusk ’til Dawn, the same song that caused problem in February but managed to recover this time around. Her cute manner and awkward movement make her hard to get frustrated with and the sound left a lot to be desired but overall she was much better than last time. In my eyes, still not brilliant but her playing doesn’t stop you from dancing around merrily all the same. See kDamo for photographic evidence. 

Arnotts swift turnaround had people out the door only a few minutes after she finished and the night then descended into merry banter and Eddie Rockets.


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