If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Síbín Tastic


Sibin is one of those festivals that is definitively Irish with the slightest taste of influence from those on a European scale. Set in Balbriggan around the Man’O War pub, it is the perfect location for a chilled day of whatever you fancy; Irish Rap, reggae, electro or some of your famous Irish names in the Irish music scene including Hot Sprockets, Ugly Megan, Alias Empire and Ophelia. The festival centers around the pub itself with three large circus tents, two small marquees and two teepees. It’s an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. It’s the perfect event to kick start to what will be a summer of festival filth. 

We headed into the Man’O War to see Ophelia, a dublin based hip hop artist. Brash, loud and covered in face paint, she knew how to please the crowd with her distinctive rapping and singing. After another cheeky picnic we went to see the ever lovely Ugly Megan. Sadly, the sound engineer in the Antics-Vs-Crawdaddy tent must have been somewhat drunk/deaf. Their female vocalist was completely drowned out by every other instrument and you could see their discomfort in not being able to hear anything. They soldiered on but after roughly five songs and ten requests to turn down certain machines it seems they cut their set. It’s a shame as I’ve seen them before and know how great they are. Next up was Sounds of System Breakdown who I had never seen before. I must admit I was impressed by their synth heavy indie pop. Their energetic, fresh and original. Using a set of bongos and a portable keyboard to add to their sound, their merry beet-bleeping noise filled the large tent nicely. 

Lastly I saw Alias Empire, (formerly known as Dry County) in the same venue. I saw this band as Dry County in Whelans around this time last year and was appreciative of their raw, powerful beats, strobe lights and masks. There was something wonderfuly unpolished about them. However last night, as they performed in their ‘AE’ hoodies, songs like ‘Heal it’ and ‘Another Idea’ seemed lifeless. Admittedly, I didn’t stay for the whole set but I had no real reason to.

The rest of the night was spent running from tent to tent, dancing, smoking and drinking coffee and was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a long time. 



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  rez wrote @

Hey Glad you enjoyed it!!!!

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