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Friends, not just for christmas, for life.

The week just gone was actually insane. I spent the first half of the week attempting to finish Uaneen and reading for my MA interview for NCAD. Wednesday was also our summer ball in DCU. It was my last ball but thankfully I didn’t end up discussing how sorrowful the situation was and had an awesome night. So much so that I stayed up until 5am talking and with an hours sleep, braved my MA Art in the Digital World interview which wasn’t exactly the train wreck I was expecting. However, the relief was short lived as I found out some information that has now changed my life significantly. So between tears, nervousness and laughter, I realised that I have an incredible group of friends that will be around for a long time. Some friends are circumstantial as Joey phrased it before; those who around at the time to have fun with but that you would never ring in a crisis. And then theres those that have staying power. And to you, I say thank you. xxx



  excusableexpressions wrote @

But the argument also be made that every relationship under the sun is circumstantial. Everyone meets under a set of circumstances.

  themiseducationof wrote @

how very profound of you pops.

  excusableexpressions wrote @

Not really.
Just saying that, that argument could be made.

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