If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Look both ways before you cross that line…

The Virgins provided a soundtrack to my year with ‘One Week of Danger’ being the song that I blared out my car stereo speakers on the many undertook road trips. When I heard they were coming to Dublin I was just hoping they would fucking live up to the standard set by their album. The Academy was bare when I walked in at 9pm which I was rather surprised at but within half an hour, it filled up. Their set took an unfamiliar structure however… opening with the song that gave them a name they have today, ‘Rich Girls’. Donald Cumming, the bands frontman appeared bare foot, dressed in distressed denim an pranced awkwardly to their soulful indie pop which was more than fitting. There is something effortless about these guys. Everything from their look to their performance was relaxed and enjoyable but still did justice to their funky, clean sound. Donald’s drowsy vocals complimented the bands performance wonderfully which was seamless. As they blasted out ‘She’s Expensive’, ‘One Week of Danger’ and ‘Hey Hey Girl’ the crowd reacted appropriatley with little effort from the band. For such a young band who look so unpolished, they have their live sound squeaky clean. 

They did the traditional ‘finish, come back on’ for their encore which, I’ll admit, was a slight disappointment. I turned to Dave, questioning what they might finish on considering they had used up their most well known tunes. They pulled off the acoustically pleasing ‘Fernando Pando’ wonderfully, slowing it down to a near standstill at points  and should have left it at that but ended on an anti-climactic note with a cover of one of Cumming’s, ‘favorite songs as a kid’. As great as you are guys, I believe that for such a young band it’s important to leave your crowd wanting more.

Overall, an awesome gig and I would happily ramble along to see them again.


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  Fayoona wrote @

i was completely unaware they had played. dang. i would have gone to that and all. humph.
SOS-er fi xx

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