If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Get TAC’ed Up

We all love to dress up… deep down. When you have a good fucking outfit, your anyone’s for a night. And while I have been one to moan about the original offerings of Dublin’s social scene, I must admit that in recent months new initiatives such as T.A.C have changed my opinion. Previous themes such as ‘Toybox’, ‘Freak Chic Circus Show’, ‘Animal Rave’ and next week’s, ‘Letter Land’ make getting ready incredibly entertaining. “Come play and dress up. If you’re looking for inspiration, find somewhere quiet and return to your childhood, where things were simpler, and Play-Doh was food.” It’s pretty much anyones game, anything goes and the atmosphere is electric thanks to some very talented DJ’s. Previous blog favourite, The Phonic Athletic are also playing so take my advice, get dressed up, and go and dance like a an absolute tool. You’ll see the finest style and hear the best indie/electro djing around. It’s the 7th of April @ The Button Factory… see their poster below.

[Poster – Myspace]


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  Dee dee wrote @

oh my god! i played annie apple in a first class performance in st mary’s n.s. And I’m sure I could relive it all…..!! how much fun!

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