If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Hawt Right Now..

Lily Allen

She’s quite fabulous really. I saw her play the Academy on Monday and she was brilliant. Super voice, energy and personality. I kinda want to be her. Loving ‘Never Gonna Happen’, find it’s very fitting to my life these days.

Sexy Weather

Check out that sun people, Dublin is looking delish. A very lovely someone made the observation that when cold, our bodies have to work harder to keep is warm and make us tired and grumpy but in the sun, there is no need for the grumpiness and go figure, I have been in a tremendous mood all week. 


I went to Lily Allen on Monday and I’m going to Girl Talk in Andrews Lane tonight. Good times all round, I forgot how great live music is, it’s been so fucking long.

Memphis @ Topshop

It’s very summer shabby chic






Not So Hawt Right Now

Event Programmes


… RENT, DCU Fashion Show, BICS. I have programmes coming out my ears. I have to design them, which is fine. What is not fine is the ‘hmmming’ and ‘hawwing’. Just say no people.

SU Elections

The Union elections are coming up in DCU and as part of the Union Exec I am not loving this time of year with people asking me what my job entails…. It’s all very final and I don’t want to leave DCU, nor not be Clubs & Socs Officer, I like things the way they are. The elections mark the beginning of the end. Boo.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Oh lord. Gun please.

Lady GaGa

Shock! Horror! Yes I’m saying it. Lady GaGa- we know your an artist. Now shut the fuck up!


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