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Overseas Inspiration….?

Despite the country being knee deep in a recession, we haven’t lost our sense of pride. With hundreds of thousands taking to the streets yesterday, dutch gold in hand, it was clear we are still proud to be Irish, marching through the streets celebrating St. Patricks Day as normal. I always look forward to the front page photo on our national newspapers the next day, usually documenting the most glamorous attractions or the most dolled up, 4 year old leprechaun.

However, I was handed the Irish Independant this morning and was very disappointed to see the headline, ‘Upbeat Obama tells Cowen: Yes We Can.’ I would have much more content had it been, ‘Cowen tells nation: Yes We Can’. I would appreciate if these stories were moved to page 2. Can we not celebrate what was a great day for our nation yesterday? or (miraculously), could Cowen have not got up of his arse and gave his own nation some inspirational words because we are still waiting for them. But no no, swan off to America and cosy up to the Americans and let them grab the headline of hope. While I’m truly delighted that someone has our backs during this tough time, I would prefer if the positivity that was sprawled across the front of our national paper today was home grown. It’s slightly deflating that our governments ‘man of the moment’ swanned off to DC when he could have been here, giving a ‘hope and change’ spin on our current economic situation to the people rather than asking the USA to save our asses.

//Rant over…


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