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A Phonic Judgement.

On Thursday night, in a state of panic, DCU Music Soc asked me to judge their Intervarsity Battle of The Bands. While I may be know music critic, my ever changing musical tastes over the past few years have given me at the very least, a very broad experience of genres from rock to metal, indie to electro and the odd bit of rap thrown in for good measure. So I took to the challenge and took notes on every band… most of the bands were good, quality rock with some good covers and fair vocals. However, NCAD’s offering, ‘The Phonic Athletic’, made me put my notes away pretty much immediately. Any of you who have read this blog before will know my opinions on a bands live act… You are only as good as your live offering. 

Hats off to these gentlemen, their live act is nothing short of brilliant. They were the first band of the night that I would actually pay to see play. Their neon costumes, leather leggings and face paint are incredibly eye catching. Their lead vocalist has incredible energy and enthusiasm, something the other bands lacked. They were original, fun and most importantly, they are all solid musicians with strong vocals and good songs. They have a bit of a ‘Foals’ thing going on. If they were to go into a studio tomorrow and record, they wouldn’t struggle as much as the other bands would have.  I would recommend checking out their myspace and keep an eye out for any gigs they may play.

They won hands down, and rightly so.



  Lyndsay wrote @

Must check these guys out. And thanks for linking Cream!

  Niall McClave wrote @

you stole my line :p

  Get TAC’ed Up « .TheMisEducationOf. wrote @

[…] anyones game, anything goes and the atmosphere is electric thanks to some very talented DJ’s. Previous blog favourite, The Phonic Athletic are also playing so take my advice, get dressed up, and go and dance like a an […]

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