If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Hawt Right Now

No Lectures.

DCU’s Bsc in Multimedia Final Year Project has me wondering which was is up these days. For us to successfully do our project we don’t have lectures in our final semester. It’s great to have time to work away but it’s also very tempting to hit the snooze button when you don’t have to be in for 9am.


It’s here ladies and gentlemen, the rain is pouring out of the heavens, it’s slightly warmer and that lovely smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air for a little while longer.


Andrews Lane Theatre. A wonderful establishment found just off Dame St in Dublin is home to some good music, cheap drinks and a sociable smoking area(the road outside). If your one for a cheeky dance than’ Trashed’ on a Tuesday or ‘CTRL DELETE’ on a Thursday is your required destination. You will hear everything from the Wu Tang Clan to LadyHawke, with a bit of Run DMC for good measure. Get on it.


My appreciation for this stimulant never ceases.


I am back on the ole excersise buzz once again but I have had to start off slowly due to my absence. Tolka Park is providing a very scenic route, complimented by the wonderful company of Susan. Even though it’s tough, you feel amazing after. Sweat, oh how I’ve missed you.


Not So Hawt Right Now


Boys, why is everything so fucking complicated?

Masters Applications

See previous post… 😦

My Bedroom Floor

If I ever see it again, I’ll be content. My room and office are literally carpeted in my clothes. I live off the floor. My aspirations for a bit of Feng Shui earlier in the year fell fat it’s it’s face and so I continue to miss-match from what I can find in the mass of confused patterns.

Growing Up

The last few weeks of college are indeed upon us and I can’t help but feel that time is slipping away. I have this feeling in my stomach that I have played a safe game for the last three years. Isn’t college when your supposed to fuck it all up and then fix it? Not that I’m an angel but maybe I should have made a few more mistakes… like the ones that don’t fly so lightly in the working world?


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