If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Signing off, yours in cynicism, Eimear x

And it’s here again… The week when we all discuss the filth that is Valentines Day. Us singletons will discuss what a farce of a holiday it really is, Hallmark arseholes and all that. Those loved up will embark on the over expenditure, inundating their partners with perfume, cologne and chocolates. Another year is here. And I am once again celebrating this ‘holiday’ as one of those singletons. This is not to say it is a bad thing. I am quite content with my way of spinsterhood. I embrace the cynicism, I don’t see why the rest of you can’t. What I don’t appreciate however, is having to put up with my relationship orientated friends moaning as they attempt to find that perfect present. It’s like, if I don’t have a lollipop and you do, don’t moan that is doesn’t taste nice. 

I guess I am rather bemused by the whole situation. As the saying goes, if you’ve never had a lollipop, you don’t really know what your missing out on… You’ve seen others dislike and disappointment with a bad tasting one and aren’t particularly impressed by the glee that comes with a good lollipop so you just soldier on lollipop free. However, if one day you do see one, wrapped up in a bow, possibly sporting the artificial flaovourings, navy, white and red you be so intrigued you simply can’t resist, so be it. 

I would greatly appreciate if it wasn’t a big feature of this week as there really is enough going on. And considering I will be spending this ‘oh so sacred’ day in Drogheda, I’m sure I’ll be far too enthralled in laughing at the outfits of the local folk in Fusion nightclub, I won’t even see it passing by.


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