If the music is too loud, you're too old.

You can borrow my Delirium luv….

Thursday, 5th February saw myself and a fellow LadyHawke fanatic make our merry way to the Academy to see the Kiwi starlet play. Having not been to a live gig in quite some time, I was delighted that LadyHawke was rocking my return to the live music scene in 09. With a debut album like hers, we had every right to be expecting something beautiful. In a headband, mens t-shirt and some wrecked jeans, she offers that tousled, easy going, ‘I don’t care what I look like’ look, she’s super cute. But that is about all she has going for her. After some brief mutterings about how difficult it was to make it Dublin due to the snow, she could have made it worth her while. 

She opened with ‘Professional Suicide’. A fitting title if you ask me. Her band drowned out her poor attempt at singing. With a weak voice and bored expression, it was no surprise the crowd weren’t so much as bobbing from side to side. Her only redeeming quality was her guitar playing skills which, I must admit are adequate. She followed with ‘Manipulating Woman’ but when it was time for ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ the backing track started to skip, she did not soldier on, or apologize. Instead she wandered around the stage mumbling something about ‘fucking technology’ while trying to figure out what was going on. She continued her set with her bored expression, poor vocals and no crowd interaction. The visuals being projected were fast paced, colorful and controversial. Pretty much all she is not. She finished with ‘My Delirium.’ For her best song, she did little to enthuse the crowd, nor even attempt to shake her bored exterior. 

I have said it before, an artist is only as good as their live act and LadyHawke disappoints. Turning on her album now reminds me of this. Had she been a young artist, I think I would be more forgiving but she has been touring for a long time. It’s pretty inexcusable.

Boourns LadyHawke.



  Lyndsay wrote @

No! I’m so disappointed!

  Joey wrote @


Someone agrees with you.

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