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He’s Just Not That Into You. With an all star cast, written by the writers of Sex and the City and my love for a good rom-com made the possibility of me not enjoying this film was going to be very slim. I will admit that my taste in films is questionable, mainly because I like a bit of hope, happiness and a pretty face when I take two hours out of life to watch a film. There is enough unrest and sadness in the world to spend an extra two hours dwelling on it. Tonight I dragged my tired and may I add, lonely ass to UCI to see this delectable piece of cinema. It follows the lives of some inter-connected twenty to thirty year olds from Baltimore and their attempts at tackling the various hurdles of single/married/confused life. It is one of those films that make you simply curl up with embarrassment at the characters actions and let out a sigh a relief as amends are made at the end. 

Ginnifer Goodwin (Walk The Line) offers a fantastic portrayal of the desperate, ever optimistic singleton while Jennifer Aniston plays a frustrated thirty year old awaiting a proposal that is never coming. Justin Long (Dodgeball) who plays the cynical, typical bachelor orientated, clued in male was by far me favorite character. I had a great appreciation for his brash, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. Scarlett Jo fucking Hansson is a fucking tosser on and off screen. She features. Enough said!

For us ladies, it certainly irons out whatever doubts we may have had about ‘the signs’ that we imagine we get from men. And gentlemen, sit back and enjoy your ignorance be objectified and justified. It’s funny, light and a little insightful. I can’t imagine any of us will wait around as long for a phone call, text or email anymore!


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