If the music is too loud, you're too old.

From one era to another.

So it’s snowing in Dublin. This is of course greeted by many reactions. I felt my age today when I thought about what reaction I would have had three or four years ago to this weather. “Bam – Day off school!”. Now, my biggest concern is the driving conditions and the ground on which my horse must bear his delicate legs. 

Today I had a lengthily discussion with two of my close friends about what the next twelve months holds for us. Suddenly, after three years of pondering what we would spend our summers doing, the summer has become our last concern. With our close knit group all finishing our degrees, it seems our concentration is centered around further education, moving out or travelling. 

I’m one a one track mind at the moment and that is to hit up Edinburgh to do a Masters in Graphic Design. 

And if the Edinburgh College of Art would answer their fucking phones I may actually find out how the fuck to apply.

To sum up, I feel a little old today.


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