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2009. The Beginning of the End if you will…

A dramatic statement, yes. But it is only this statement that quite convey the ever bump-and-grind feeling in my stomach at the moment. This is the year I finish college, the year I do a fucking THESIS and the year I figure what I am to do with the rest of my days. It is also the year when everything changes… There will no more returning to DCU, to see the people I love and adore. There will be no more balls, no more student politics… No more Henry Grattan? 

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier and he was saying he must introduce me to his new girlfriend, “If I ever see you again, that is!” With no more lectures and no time for any sort of social life, Al actually believed we will never have the opportunity to have this introduction. It is possible that the friends I had made may be some of those short term friends, like those ones in school that, at the time I imagined I would still be friends with at this age. And it is very hard to know which ones. I hate to admit it but I really hate change. When college ended last year I fell into an abyss that only a full time job and a fitness regime could fill until I returned to the close and familiar walls of college. But that security is no longer there… 

Tomorrow I start finishing off projects and start the ole final year project. From now until June is going to be one big blurrrr. I just know it. 



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