If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Paracetamol Box Able?

After a week of very festive fun, it has all caught up with me. Hello head cold! This week has been epic, to say the least. Tuesday saw what resembled an old school DCU €3 Tuesday with some quality tunes and good people to enjoy it with. Some of the big society heads in DCU got together for a very memorable night. Wednesday night was the Christmas Ball in DCU. Now, being totally honest, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Slade but I bopped around to ‘Merry Christmas‘ all the same and danced to the reasonably ok-if your into that sort of thing- soundtrack. Thursday I featured at the NCAD Christmas Ball. This was in a leaugue of it’s own in relation to other college’s xmas ball offerings. With acts such as You’re Only Massive, Heritage Centre and Attention Bebe, it would be impossible not to enjoy yourself. Coupled with a very merry Olivia and a doll like Susan, I had a great time. 

But sadly I am now suffering from cabin fever. I have been in my house for 30 hours straight now with a bloody flu. I have watched three films… lord knows how many episodes of Gossip Girl and read one too many blogs. I could have been doing college work… but no. Instead I have been wasting my time. But after the last few weeks I’ve had, a wee bit of time wasting is kinda justified.

I spent hours on Flickr today, admiring all the amazing photographic skills that I aspire to have and wonder how in god’s name they all got so good. I have been attempting to improve my skills, document my efforts on Flickr and get as much experience as I can but I will admit I do get intimidated by those confident arty types, strolling around events with their 40D’s with their big lenses, effortlessly taking beautiful shots. I know it’s slightly juvenile but hey. Fuck it. Anyway, my point is… my new years resolution is to take more photos. 

I came across N*E*R*D’s new tune from their current album, ‘Seeing Sounds‘ which, in my opinion is their best album yet. The song is called Sooner or Later.  See the video here. Following the recent success of their single, ‘SPAZ‘ they have toned down their energy and brought us a more melodic, relaxed song. Well done boys. 

I also came across Justin Timberlake’s & T.I’s latest collaboration, If I. Produced by Timbaland, the boys are possibly trying to rekindle the clear connection they have in ‘My Love’. The start is brilliant. The rest is good if not a little anti-climactic. T.I is slowly following off the Hip Hop radar as a successful solo artist. His recent collaborations with Rihanna and his plans to collaborate with Beyonce are symptomatic of a worried gangsta. Here’s hoping he stays in the game for a while. Because when he’s good, he’s great. 

Possibly my most satisfying find of the day was OMFGG, Official Music Featured on Gossip Girl. This soundtrack is just amazing. Everything from the obvious Crystal CastlesCrimewave to Belfast’s very own, Oppenheimer with Breakfast in NYC. The Teenagers  (who I remember gave a very memorable performance in The Hub about two years ago…) and The Kills also feature. Two artists I had never heard of, Nadia Oh and Junkie XL offer some very interesting beats. Just download the damn thing. All information can be found here. Just another reason why Gossip Girl is amazing.

Now, I’m for yet another dose of painkillers and a date with my bed. 

(Bah-Humbug. Just thought I’d throw it in for good measure)


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