If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Everyone is merry, broke and excited.


I am not. Every shop I go into has Mariah Carey blaring through their speakers. There are sales BEFORE Christmas. People have an air of glee about them. I just don’t get it. Like I understand that yes, decorations and lights, presents etc… but quite frankly, that excitement will motivate a smile on my face for no more than twenty minutes. The few days before Christmas are spent running around town in a stress of sweat and putting up with tired arms trying to find presents for people that the will never/use/wear/listen/watch. Christmas day is spent watching a box set, tip-toeing around the ole rents and feeling bloated. What is the big deal? 

I will admit that I did get a bit excited about selecting a tree today with Susan and Declan. But that is probably because that’s the first christmasy things I’ve done this year. And now, I’m meh again. So I’m really just letting the world know now, shut up about Christmas or prepare for my most grinch-esque face.


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  Joey wrote @

This post could have been reduced to two words:
Bah Humbug.

I like your new picture. It looks like you’re having a lovely time at the disco…

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