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Sometimes it’s right to do the wrong things.




The Wackness. It’s a beautiful story. It’s beautifully filmed. It’s a rare occasion that I am impressed by something that isn’t light hearted or stars Meg Ryan. Everything from the sepia-tinted backdrop of Manhattan to the casting, is just brilliant. It successfully tells a story of Luke (Josh Peck), a young, isolated drug dealer in New York City who is attempting to find himself underneath the paranoia and depression. With moments of awkwardness, happiness and blatant, raw reality, it ensures you feel something for every character from sympathy to hate and the ever ringing fact that you can see yourself in all of them.

It has an impressive cast; Ben Kingsley who plays a washed up, weed smoking shrink to Mary Kate Olsen, a wacked out, seductive hippie. Famke Janssen  (Taken) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno) also make appearances as an emotionally removed mother-daughter combination, with Olivia playing Luke’s love interest. 

It has drugs, sex and laughter.

Just fucking watch it.



  Joey wrote @

Josh Peck is beautiful.

Can’t believe how much he’s come on from his lardy lardy turns in Drake and Josh.

Where are you now with your crappy guitar, Drake? Whaaa?

  Lyndsay wrote @

Isn’t it great? I loved it.

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