If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Something I dictate.

Totally For:

Being nearly finished assignments for xmas. Bring on Wednesday at 12pm!

The High School Musical. The soundtrack is infectious. 

DCUFM… yes Joey is right. It’s giving a whole new life to the Hub an opportunity to hear our friends on the radio!

Topshops new unitard collection. They are just funny to look at.

Getting the opportunity to take loads of photos. I’m doing the Style Society calender at the moment and doing little mini photo shoots is proving very fun.

Totally Against:

Losing my iPod. Major Boo.

Friends being sad. 

Getting prank calls from the above mentioned DCUFM. Yes, I’m an idiot.

The Christmas period. Just GO AWAY! (Although I’ve received many promises that this year would be a merry one.)


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