If the music is too loud, you're too old.

I just can’t stop laughing.

The Recession. The Pigs. The whole fucking world is falling down. We have spent the best part of three months discussing The Recession. It’s awful. We’re all up shit creek without a paddle. Or a canoe for that matter. And now all the pork is gone? What sort of Christmas is it going to be? Well it won’t be a quiet one; the squealings of dying pigs will compliment the ever growing media attention of the entire saga, which ‘really  isn’t a big deal’ (according to some head on the radio yesterday) with a remix of laser cards beeping and cash registers popping as the Irish nation spend more than they have in previous years in the hope of savouring their last good Christmas. And what do I have to say to you all? HA. 

Ireland has become very comfortable in it’s cosy Celtic Tiger, egyptian cotton sheets. We don’t want to be removed from this bed of security despite the ever ringing alarm clocks of the Recession. We are still spending. We have forgotten that Ireland was not always this affluent as it has been in the past twenty years. I know I’m one to be talking about appreciating the simple pleasures but I’m starting to get a bit of perspective on how others look at us Celtic Tiger kids. We are all in disbelief that we may have to cut back, have a simpler Christmas and rewind a few years to those pre-affluent days. As I was driving down O’Connell Street I just started laughing. In my opinion, this new fucking light up tree is the perfect symbol of our denial about how fucked this country is. “No thanks Norway, we don’t your stupid normal tree, we’re going to waste a whole rake of money on a big fucking mountain of lights to redirect people attention away from the reality that we, as a government have screwed up royally, hope you don’t mind”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Norway poisoned our pigs. I’ll be laughing at our country through the Christmas season, as one who rarely spends that much at Christmas and who generally enjoys lasagna on Christmas Day.


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